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He is the apple of their eyes and was such a good boy for his pictures. My daughter gifted this session to her teacher as a baby present and I couldn’t of been more happier to photograph this beautiful family. I am so thankful that my daughter was able to enjoy her as a teacher and so very grateful for the school she goes to. They brought the little giraffe hat, and it photographed so well on him.


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I could never get enough of photographing this beautiful, strong, independent mother of 2 (soon to be 3)! Anyone can see what a wonderful, loving mother she is and how much her son adores her. I photographed him as a newborn and he has grown to be such a fine young man. See his newborn session here:

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  • Heather - She really is beautiful! Nice captures!

These 2 little girls were such a gift to mommy and daddy and I was honoured when asked to photograph them.  They were so tiny, even at there age and they honestly did really well for being 6 weeks. Mom and Dad were surprised that they were having twins, especially after it took them a while to get pregnant with their first daughter. Little Everly had to be readmitted to the hospital so mom and dad have had quite the first month, hence getting pictures so late. I wonder if you can tell who is who?

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  • Laura - So precious! They’re beautiful and you did a great job on their session. <3

  • Amber - SO beautiful! <3

  • Kim Miller - So precious! I love little babies and two are so much fun!

  • heidi - Beautiful twins!!!!

  • Angela L. - Lovely photos Rezika!

  • Heather - Great job – these are gorgeous. I love your color choices.

  • Anjuli Francois - Twins! Love it.

  • Jade Malone - so sweet!

  • Jamie - LOVE the color tones.

  • Selena - Aw that are super cute and you did a great job!

  • Kristen - Lovely images, beautiful newborn.

  • Susy - Adorable! Double the cuteness!

  • kimberly - These images are just beautiful! Great job.

  • Crystal - Awww, they are adorable! Beautiful images, I love the last one the best, getting twins to do that takes talent!

  • teresa - So beautiful! What gorgeous twins! Great job!

  • Abbe - Gorgeous images! Gorgeous baby girls.

  • Ashley - These twins are adorable! Love your soft processing!

  • Amy - so soft and sweet! Beautiful babies!

  • Nicole - Beautiful pictures! Love twins!

  • Dannielle - What a gorgeous session. I LOVE that tiara shot!

My biggest guilty pleasure is volunteer work. When my oldest daughter was 4 months old I joined Kin Canada. Kin Canada is an all-Canadian service organization made up of dedicated member volunteers who  serve their community’s greatest needs through hosting and sponsoring events and community service projects. Kin Canada has close to 500 Kin, Kinsmen and Kinette clubs from coast-to-coast. Clubs typically raise more than $18 million per year; almost $1 million of this is donated to cystic fibrosis research and care, our national service project.

Currently I am a member of The Kin Club of Fort Edmonton and this year we put on our First Annual Princess Ball fundraiser to raise money and support for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. I cannot say enough about this event and how great if felt to be a part of it. As a photographer I donated my services to the event and set up a photo booth to raise further funds for the cause. Since Today is Rare Disease Day I thought it fitting to Blog about the event.

As you will find on Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s twitter feed (@CFCanada), “There are 4000 Canadians living with . Each week, two more children are diagnosed and one person dies from this “.

Here are some memories from the Princess Ball. It was Held on February 22nd at the Empire Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald here in Edmonton. The children got to meet the Princesses and dance with them. We provided a lunch, candy bar, craft tables, and more. It honestly was a little girls dream. Our Club (Fort Edmonton Kin Club) President also got engaged at the event so a lot of special memories were made.

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  • dawn s. - I love all of these! What a wonderful way to give back. Job well done!

  • Jade Malone - Lovely! We have a Princess Ball here in Nova Scotia too, not sure if it’s for CF or not though. What a fun thing to photograph!

  • Laura - Awwwww, these are adorable!! What a great idea!! <3

  • Kim Miller - Love this idea! My husband has several cousins with Cystic Fibrosis, it’s a very scary disease and it is very hard on the families who are going through it. Bless you for offering your talent to help others!

  • Heidi - What a great cause to donate your time! Looks like it was a great day!

  • Angela L. - Great job on this! They all look so cute.

  • Heather - What a fun event, and you captured it wonderfully!

  • Anjuli Francois - What a great idea. Love it!

  • Heather - This looks like such a fun way to help others!

  • Analiese - Very cool!

  • Kelly Hosch - How fun!

  • kimberly - What an amazing event. These images are gorgeous!

  • Kristen - What a great way to help, looks like a fun event.

  • CarmenM - What a great event! Well done.

  • Susy - Wow what an awesome event! What a great way to give back to your community!

  • Crystal L - Wow, what a fun event. Looks like a great way to help others and some of those costumes are absolutely fabulous!

  • Abbe - Great images of a fantastic event!

  • Ashley - These are adorable!

  • andrea jene - Beautiful work for great cause!

  • Nicole - Love all of them! Looks like everyone had so much fun!

This little girl was a sweet heart. Her grandma came for the session and in the first picture she is in the same knit outfit and blanket that was her moms when she was a newborn. Such beautiful work was put into it. The little knit purple pant set is from Little Foot Photography Props who does such beautiful work.


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  • Robin - How precious, nice work!

  • Laura - So sweet! I love that little smile in the first image. <3 Beautiful work!

  • rachael - so adorable, love them!!

  • Crystal L - Lovely session, that first one is so special. The purple is gorgeous too!

  • Angela L. - So sweet. I love those yummy cheeks!

  • Crystal Phelps - So sweet!!! Love the smile in that first one!

  • Melissa DeVoe - What a sweetheart! I love her on the purple!

  • april - what a sweet little girl! (the purple ones are my fav!)

  • Jessica Lysse Photography - these are such sweet photos you captured! I just love newborn photos. And that smile in the first photo….oh my! LOVE!

  • Kristen - What a precious newborn, lovely images. The colors are brilliant.

  • kimberly - What a sweet baby. Great images!

  • Dannielle - Just lovely! So sweet that you used moms baby blanket, such a treasure!

  • Christa - I just love that grandma brought mama’s first outfit! These are beautiful images!

  • Amy - Lovely job! I just love her sweet smile in the first image.

  • Amber - So sweet! Beautiful work! <3

  • Kofo B - Absolutely beautiful.

  • Anjuli Francois - So darling. I love the purple.

  • Heidi - Lovely images!

  • Analiese - Beautiful work!

  • Lindsay Faber - What a beautiful little girl. Lovely use of light!

  • Nicole - What a beautiful little one! Love the purple used!

  • Carli Donsky - What a sweet baby! Beautiful images :)

  • Pam - These are all wonderful but I’m in love with that first one!

  • Miranda - These are precious! What a beautiful baby :)

  • dawn s. - SO SO sweet. Love that smiling one!