This little girl was a sweet heart. Her grandma came for the session and in the first picture she is in the same knit outfit and blanket that was her moms when she was a newborn. Such beautiful work was put into it. The little knit purple pant set is from Little Foot Photography Props who does such beautiful work.


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  • Robin - How precious, nice work!

  • Laura - So sweet! I love that little smile in the first image. <3 Beautiful work!

  • rachael - so adorable, love them!!

  • Crystal L - Lovely session, that first one is so special. The purple is gorgeous too!

  • Angela L. - So sweet. I love those yummy cheeks!

  • Crystal Phelps - So sweet!!! Love the smile in that first one!

  • Melissa DeVoe - What a sweetheart! I love her on the purple!

  • april - what a sweet little girl! (the purple ones are my fav!)

  • Jessica Lysse Photography - these are such sweet photos you captured! I just love newborn photos. And that smile in the first photo….oh my! LOVE!

  • Kristen - What a precious newborn, lovely images. The colors are brilliant.

  • kimberly - What a sweet baby. Great images!

  • Dannielle - Just lovely! So sweet that you used moms baby blanket, such a treasure!

  • Christa - I just love that grandma brought mama’s first outfit! These are beautiful images!

  • Amy - Lovely job! I just love her sweet smile in the first image.

  • Amber - So sweet! Beautiful work! <3

  • Kofo B - Absolutely beautiful.

  • Anjuli Francois - So darling. I love the purple.

  • Heidi - Lovely images!

  • Analiese - Beautiful work!

  • Lindsay Faber - What a beautiful little girl. Lovely use of light!

  • Nicole - What a beautiful little one! Love the purple used!

  • Carli Donsky - What a sweet baby! Beautiful images 🙂

  • Pam - These are all wonderful but I’m in love with that first one!

  • Miranda - These are precious! What a beautiful baby 🙂

  • dawn s. - SO SO sweet. Love that smiling one!

I couldn’t just leave you with one image of these gorgeous twins ! Although daddy made a perfect shot with his babies, I believe they stand alone well also. Twins are some of my favourite clients. When I first photographed a set of twins I thought it would be double the work but it has always been seamless and easy. I do love my clients and I am glad they continue to pick me to capture these memories.

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  • Lisa - Oh my squishy babies make me melt. Beautiful photos

  • amy - these are amazing! I can’t even imagine how you manage to get them BOTH sleeping so soundly at the same time!! great work 🙂

  • Laura - Wow! These are gorgeous – you really rocked the twin shots! Amazing work!

  • Amber - These are so perfect! Beautiful work! <3

  • Kristen - These newborns are precious. I love the crowns, lovely captures!

  • Pam - Oh my….just look at those pudgy cheeks *grins* THese are simply gorgeous.

  • Caneel - What beauties! Love these, you did an amazing job!

  • rachael ruffin - amazing! adorable little babes.

  • Jeanine - They are adorable and your set-ups and photography are superb! Love these!

  • kimberly - What sweet photos of these 2 beauties! You captured them perfectly.

  • Crystal L - Beautiful work, they’re not even my girls and I want one big for the wall lol. Love these!

  • Kim Miller - Oh I just love these! Those crowns are precious!

  • jessica - Love the last photo of them, so precious!

  • Angela Ramsey - So precious. I adore these. The tiara one is fabulous!

  • Abbe - So gorgeous!! Perfection!

  • Nicola - So stinking cute!!! I love how you posed these twins, what a beautiful job! Very inspiring <3

  • dawn s. - OHHHH I love twins… those crowns… those lips! perfection!

  • Heidi Kapust - ADORABLE! You make it look easy!

  • Alexis - They are so beautiful!!! I love your rich colors and they look so peaceful and cuddly!

  • Noeline Adams - Found you on the 2nd page of google beautiful images. Nice shout out for

It honestly does not get better than this some days. I had the absolute pleasure photographing these twins and this image keeps me in awe.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”-Albert Einstein

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  • Heidi Kapust - Beautiful!!!!!

  • Betsy Morgan - They are so adorable. Lovely image!!!

  • Robin - So sweet and precious!

  • Crystal Phelps - They are perfect!

  • carrie - TWIN perfection!!!!

  • Melissa DeVoe - Beautiful picture! Love!

  • Anjuli Francois - I love father shots with newborns. Twins is even better!

  • Heather - Beautiful picture! I hope it gets turned into a giant canvas and displayed like the art it is.

  • Amber - Love!!!

  • Levi - Amazing!

  • dawn - such a beautiful image!

  • Angela - W.O.W. is all I have to say!

  • Kristen - What a fantastic image of a dad and his newborns. The blur and processing is fantastic.

  • Emily Supiot - That is awesome! What a great picture!

  • Bobbijo - what a gorgeous image!

  • Leslie - Awesome shot! Love it!

  • Susan Kelly - Beautiful!!

I have been so blessed to photograph so many beautiful families this past year. I haven’t posted anything since July of last year and I promise I will keep you all up to date this year. I had a rough year with my mom passing away last April and it’s taken me a long time to heal. But I guess one never really does heal do they? Every time I photograph a newborn I get a sense of peace. These precious little ones are so innocent and such miracles. Life amazes me, and it’s all the love I see from new glowing parents that reminds me how lucky I really am. I’ve put together a few of my babies from the past year, and every time I look at these pictures I smile. Thank you so much to all my families for trusting me to capture these memories for you. I look forward to seeing you all back for more photos throughout the year and I welcome my new clients too.


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  • Heather N. - Look at all those cutie babies! You had a good year indeed!

  • Tessa Linden - Oh, look at all those sweet babies. Lovely work. Looks like you had a wonderful year 🙂

  • Brittany Chandler - I love the idea of a year in review! So sweet! You captured so many priceless memories here 🙂

  • Angela - Great work! you sure know how to get those little angels to fall asleep!

  • Heather - So much squishy goodness! I love it!

  • Andrea - Your work is gorgeous! So sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my dad a few years ago, and it was shattering. Glad to see your picking up the pieces and using your creativity to help 🙂

  • Susan Kelly - I love how warm this feels! So beautiful!

  • Heather - What a sweet and joyful year you had! So many beautiful pictures of beautiful babies. 🙂

  • Analiese - Look at all those beautiful babies!

  • Sarah - The crown, THE CROWN! It has me in all sorts of awwwww-induced fits.

  • Alexis - Look at all these sweet babies!!! Love al of them!

  • heather - So many babies! What a great year!

This princess needs no introduction. With all the Royal talk lately, I thought I would showcase this little princess I photographed at just 5 days new. She has the most beautiful name too. This is baby #2 for her parents and their son had even more hair than her.


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  • Brandy - So pretty!! Love the colors 🙂

  • JodyG - OMGosh! I love the tiara!! Great job!

  • Samantha Sinchek Photography - The colors & that tiara are just devine!! Love this!

  • Amber - Beautiful! I love that crown! ?

  • Cailey S - Adorable! Perfect colors to go with the tiara!

  • Michelle Mez - I looove the colors and tiara!

  • Heidi - love, love, love!

  • Stacy - So precious!

  • kim - Beautiful baby….beautiful shots! Love your editing-great skin color!

  • Analiese - LOVE!

  • Tiffany Hendrickson - Love the tiara…beautiful!

  • Angela L. - You do lovely work!

  • Rena Christine - What a sweetheart! 🙂

  • Christine - She is gorgeous and these photos are beautiful!

  • mary - what a gorgeous princess!

  • robin - What a pretty princess, I love the colors you used too!

  • Kelly Wilson - Beautiful portraits of a beautiful baby girl!! Love these!

  • Kofo B - Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous!