I do not really Blog much about me nor do I like being on the other side of the camera but lately I have been teaching my husband some tricks and he  has been trying to get better with his skills. We love taking pictures and often I find that I never take enough of myself or my kids. I have lot’s of him…he is so photogenic! But this is me…

My dad is Croatian so I get my bright beautiful eyes from him. They change with my mood and the light and I love accentuating them with my different eye shadows. I am a Mac girl and love Sephora. When I was in Vegas for WPPI me and Kim From Studio 9 Photographics and Jill from J Shantz photography went shopping at Sephora and I got this wicked triple threat tattoo eye liner by Kat Von D. OMGoodness–it’s Amazing and I love it! I promise one day I will take more pictures of me. But this brings me to my babies. I love photographing newborns and I feel I just don’t share enough of my sessions. I would have to blog daily to share them all. SO here are a few more of the latest and greatest.


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  • Megan - gorgeous photos of the brand new little one! makes me want another baby 😉

    beautiful shots of yourself, as well! you are very photogenic. it is so hard to remember to get in front of the camera! 🙂

  • Trudie - You’re totally gorgeous! Hubby used his skills well! Your newborn images are beautiful.

  • Gareth Lambkin - Awesome, Rez! You look great!

  • James - Phenomenal work you truly have na eye for detail!

  • Nomi - OH MY – these newborn photos are AWESOME!!!! Love it 🙂

  • Shawn - Great idea to get pics of you and your family on your website. People love to see who they are dealing with especially someone who is as talented as you. You look stunning in your photos. Great pics of the little ones. I like the weathered wood (old barn wood whatever it is). Due babies open their eyes?

  • Rezika Zurch Photography - ha. Thanks Shawn. Yes babies open their eyes usually at the end of the shoot 🙂

  • Heather McGinnis - You are so beautiful! And your newborns are wonderful…. love 🙂

  • Nicki C - Beautiful–both you and the babies! I think your husband has it down! 🙂

  • Samantha Parks - I love them all but it was really cool to see pics of you! You’re beautiful!

    On a side note, I thought you were saying you had kat tattoo your eyeliner on! I totally had to click on the link to figure it out! lol

  • Amara Cohen - You are gorgeous! The newborn is just beautiful.

  • Greensboro Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer - beautiful babies, beautiful you…love your work! : )

My youngest daughter doesn’t really take well to other children and maybe it is because she is so close to us. But putting her in preschool at woodvale has really opened her up. The programs are amazing and the teachers are top knotch. I blogged one of her teachers session here. The great thing is, we are finally doing play dates and she has taken well to her new little friend. These girls both have older sisters so they seem to connect really well. It was our turn to host the play date so we had a princess tea party and then I took them for some pictures. I added some head bands from pooks and lulu to add a little fancy to their shoot. My daughter has the blue head band on and wouldn’t take individual photos for me, but thats not anything new. It was just nice to have fun with the girls and take time out of my day to enjoy the little things. “Happy Girls are the Prettiest – Audrey Hepburn”





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  • Terry Beigie - Oh this is just lovely!! I love friendship pictures. This is a wonderful memory you’re preserving for her 🙂

  • Kerri - So sweet – great memories!

  • rachael - aw they are so sweet together! you captured them nicely.

  • Danielle - You can just see the love they have for one another!! Beautiful images!!

  • Reena - So sweet!! I am glad she has a friend now, someone to share with! I bet she loves the ones of her and her friend!

  • Christina Slater - What a great idea, I should do this with my kids friends!

  • sam - Adorable!! Great idea as well, my little girl would love this!

  • Shell - These are wonderful! I am sure she will especially love them when she is older 🙂

  • Heather McGinnis - LOVE the ones where they’re hugging and looking at each other. great captures!

  • Andrea - That top one in the collage, when they are looking at each other and sharing a fun moment, is my very favorite of these!

  • Michelle - Awww… what little cuties! Great shots!

  • Alison Crane - They are so sweet together! You can just feel the love!

  • Sandy - These are so adorable, beautiful captures of their friendship!

  • Trudie - Such sweet sweet girls and such lovely images. I want to send my kids to your house for a playdates so you can take pics of them lol

  • Amara Cohen - She is precious! I love the looks between the two of them.

  • AshleyS - so adorable!!

  • Sarah - So cute! They are going to thank you one day when they’re all grown up!

What’s great about what I do is I get to see people that I haven’t seen in years and it’s nice having that loyalty of friends and even mentors. Believe it or not I have a Honours Degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Alberta. I was doing my Independent Research Project in Dr. Heather McDermids lab and right across the hall was Brians lab (the father of this sweet girl). Brian had the pleasure of being a mentor for me in a few of my courses but most notably I picked his brain in my GENET 375 class with his professor. It was honestly the hardest challenge of my life and I loved it. Then Brian and his wife Jess got to be my teachers in another one of my labs and they were honestly the best TA’s out there. They taught me so much and even took extra time to help when needed. Not surprisingly Jess went on to become a Doctor and they chose me to photograph their little bundle of joy. They even drove all the way from sylvan lake. I feel so lucky to of been able to pay them back a bit for the hard work they put into me. See more of my Newborn work in my galleries.

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  • Kelly - Beautiful. I so admire you newborn photographers. What a talent you have. Just love it

  • Shell - Wow. These are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful little girl! I am sure her parents must feel beyond blessed 🙂

  • Jessica - Thanks for your kind words Rez. I have worked with several photographers but none as good as Rez. I knew I wanted really great newborn photos and after seeing Rez and her work, I knew she was the one for us. She did a great job and recommend her work (and personality) highly. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

  • Dana Tate - I am in awe at how beautiful your newborn images are. What variety. <3

  • Terry Beigie - Awwwwwwwwww these are gorgeous!! My favorite one is the one in the center and my daughter’s favorite is the top center 🙂

  • aubrey - what a sweet little girl! these are beautiful!

  • Becca - wow. such stunning images

  • Tara - She looks so peaceful! Beautiful job.

  • Kim - Rock’in those babes….. Love love

  • Kim - Beautiful work, she is adorable!

  • amy - aww– so beautiful!

  • Kerri - Gorgeous! The image of her in teal is breathtaking!

  • Jo BluElla - Lovely work and such variety! I bet the parents are thrilled with these.

  • Sarah C - Really lovely images! And a great story too!

  • Holly - So adorable! Great job!

  • Jessica Price - SO soft & sweet! Awesome job!

Being a newborn photographer in Edmonton is always rewarding. This sweet little princess was a joy to photograph.

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  • gena - what a beautiful baby! I love all these especially the one with the pink flower hat. Just gorgeous!

  • Amara Cohen - She is stunning! Beautiful photographs.

  • Shell - So adorable.

  • Trudie - She is sooooooooo lovely. I love the feel of these photos.

  • Heather McGinnis - my fave is the one with the pink tutu! But they are all beautiful. 🙂

  • Terry Beigie - Oh my what a sweetie!! Lovely collage!!

  • Jen - She’s adorable! Love how soft and delicate these all are!

  • Jenn Valluzzo - Such beautiful images! She’s a doll!

  • Kerri - Love the collage! Beautiful images!

  • Stephanie Sifuentes - What a beautiful baby! I love the pink wrap! great work!

  • rachael - awwwww, what an adorable ball of sweetness, nice job!

  • Michelle - Such a beautiful little baby!

  • Becky - Gorgeous Newborn Portraits! Love them!

  • Jenne - Beautiful baby and images!

  • Megan - I just found this now… this is my beautiful daughter!! Thank you everyone! 🙂

Their is one prop I have that my clients ALL want to use. Yes, it is the wagon. We got it at The Old Strathcona Antique Mall which is owned locally by a good friend and her mom.Can you believe I purchased this gem for only $7 and it has lasted me a good 3 years. I love it and I love posing newborns in it too. As a newborn photographer you have to be unique and you have to set yourself apart from others and by shopping at unique stores like an antique store you can find props that no one else would have. It’s a start and shopping for newborn props has turned into an obsession at times. Sometimes I find myself spending $200 a week on new things but it is so worth it and I love seeing my newborns in them.

Another thing I love about my job is that I get to see these babies through out their growth. I even sen this little guy with his mom at an exercise class I attend. Awee.. I love what I do!



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  • Becky - this is adorable!

  • Katie W - Scrumptious newborn! Love it!

  • carrie - Agreed! It is an AWEsome wagon! Sometimes I look at antique stores but seem to have no luck!

  • reena - I love that wagon photo…what a beautiful baby and photos.

  • Melissa M. - Incredible image with the wagon — love it!

  • Jo BluElla - Adorable! LOVE the wagon too and I totally get you on the “secret hunting”. 🙂

  • Jane - I love that red wagon too – I need to find one! Lovely images!

  • Kim - I can see why your clients love the wagon, it’s perfect! Beautiful photos.

  • Amber - Sooo precious! Love the pictures! 🙂

  • Jennifer - Beautiful baby and images! LOVE that wagon!

  • Tessa Linden - That first image is SO precious! Great work.

  • Jennifer Witt - these are all beautiful!

  • Sara - What a little sweetheart, and I love the wagon – what a find (and a steal at $7!). Beautiful. 🙂

  • Marissa - What a darling! Love the wagon!

  • Sandy - Oh my what a little sweetie, beautiful captures and that wagon is perfect!

  • Terry Beigie - Oh how wonderful. Just perfect photos!

  • Christina Corneau - so prefect!!! just adore these!

  • Kathryn E. - Adorable portraits of this newborn!! Wish there was more of him to see!

  • Katie W - Wow, that one in the wagon is gorgeous!

  • Lindasy - i adore these!! what perfect images.

  • gena - This is adorable. I love the mini rustic wagon. Such a precious capture.